Ancient Egyptian Scarab Necklace

While looking through an assortment of beads I received as a gift, a number of ancient Egyptian ones caught my eye and coalesced into the necklace you see now. The red pendant came with a paper stating it’s from the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago which had an exhibit for King Tutankhamen. The pendants were rediscovered on the estate of a man who worked there at the time.

The other beads are carved to resemble traditional Egyptian dedications of the scarab beetle which features prominently in some versions of the Egyptian creation myth.

If you’re interested in purchasing this necklace you can contact me, or visit the Astrolabe Arts Etsy shop in the links below.


Artist: J.R. Goslant

Just A Little Somethin’ For My Grandma

Like the title suggests, I made this for my Grandmother. It was her birthday last month and so I decided to make her a necklace featuring her favorite colors and her birthstone, amethyst. She loves her jewelry with big fixtures and bold colors.


Artist: J.R. Goslant